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Solar Maid System
Our system is specifically designed for the maintenance of solar panels. We use DI (deionized) water paired with a water fed brush. This ensures that the modules surface, seal and frame will be clean and mineral free. Contaminants in tap water can have severe and long lasting effects on solar panels as it dries. DI water can dry in the Sun with absolutely zero effects to the surface of the panel. We are also equipped to service areas that have no water on site. Solar Maid is the best choice when it comes to maintaining your solar panels
​​Servicing Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Kern Counties
Hi Chad,  What a difference! 
Here are the numbers:
10/28 14.87 KW ----Day Before Cleaning
10/29 25.95 KW-----Day of cleaning
10/30 35.85 KW-----Day After Cleaning
10/31 35.10 KW
11/01 34.61 KW
See you again in the Spring. 
 Thanks, David A. Bakersfield CA

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