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Residential Solar Panel Washing
Solar Maid Ventura County Services
Commercial Solar Panel Washing
Solar Maid Pest Stop
Our residential cleaning and inspection gets your solar panels output back to optimum performance. A soiled solar array can potentially lose 10-35% of it's output everyday. 
Why clean solar panels?
*To make the most Return on Investment and save you money
*To create as much clean Solar energy as possible
*To maintain your Solar Panel warranty

​Servicing Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Kern Counties
​Our commercial cleaning includes carport, roof top, and large ground mount solar arrays. Solar Maid Ventura County is well equipped to handle any commercial application. We are OSHA certified and proficient in the use of aerial lifts.
Have pigeons taken over your roof? We have the solution. Solar Maid can install a specialized guard to eliminate these pests from destroying your roof and to protect your solar asset. 
Call 661-575-5212 for details.